Oh! Clever Boy


So far, my youngest son who is 16 months old , all the while only calls me "MAMU",
despite we teach him should pronounce as "MUMMY"  :(

What a surprise! Today he manage to call me "MUMMY" when i just come back
from fetching my eldest son to learning centre this morning.

I am so happy! It is the first time he called me "MUMMY" correctly and not"MAMU".


Another surprise is that he also manage to pronounce "NAI NAI" today
which mean grandma in Mandarin , when he saw the Astro 
eductional channel namely "水果奶奶冰淇淋".

Before that, he only mention "NONO"for "NAI NAI".
So luckly he could say "NAI NAI" now, because his grandma
from Sarawak is going to visit us next month.

Oh! Clever boy!

This photo was taken in " 壹百度Japanese Steam Boat Restaurant"
at The USJ19 City Mall last sunday.


smallkucing 说...

Mammu? maybe he speaking hokkien kot? "Ah Bu". hahahaha

mr. pineapple man 说...

so kyooot!

Wai Kitt 说...

Hey, he really did said"Ah Bu" when he was 5or6 months old that time.

mr.pineapple man,
Thanks same like you.

Jeannie 说...

you have such lovely children!:D

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