Plum Torte


Today I purposely write this post in English version
just to thank Jeannie from Baking Dairy who do not reads in Mandarin.

Thanks for her plum torte's recipe which she shared in her recent post.

Normally I do not buy plum from the market because i am thinking they are not sweet.
However I did bought 4 plums for RM5-00 just to bake this fruit cake recommended by Jeannie.
I only used up 2 of them and there are still another 2 in the fridge. 

You know what my youngest son (16 months old) said, when he first saw these plums?
He said "APPLE" ! Ya, it do really looks similar like apple right?
But when he saw "orange" also said "apple" !!!  :(

This is my first attempt to bake fruit cake.
This is the Plum Torte and the recipe is adapted from here so easy and simple .

My family really love this cake.
The cake is so fragrant with the cinnamon powder added on top.

It is also soft and fluffy too!
Just love it.


smallkucing 说...

wei!!! who sold u the plums??? Go and wallop the fella with penyapu. The plum cost 50 sens to 80 sen one biji only leh.

Sweet punya la the plum. Choose the one dark color one Dark colour is sweet one

匿名 说...

jiu mu,
hao xiang is very funny!! my mummy cannot bake a nice cake. she failed her cheese cake last two weeks. i, meimei, nainai ,daddy and mummy is going to KL on 06/12. i want to eat muffin. can u make muffin for me? i miss hao xiang very much. from, charles

My Little Space 说...

Wai Kitt, your cake looks fantastic! I can almost smell it from here. lol!
Are these the XL size plum? If so, they're more expensive. The 50-80 cents ones are very small! ^_^
Thanks for sharing & happy holiday!

[SK] 说...

wow very nice, but really dunno what is a torte, haha!! to me, as long as it's a cake, i will like that~~ :D

Jeannie 说...

Hey Waikitt, you did it! and it looks really soft and fluffy like you said:D And thanks for writing in English, this is your first post that I can read every word lol! I hv tried this torte with peaches and mangoes too but not so good because they are too juicy. I suspect bananas would be great.

Pete 说...

Wah nice cake. Plums with black skins are normally sweet. The ones that are red is not ripe, very sour...

Wai Kitt 说...

I can't wallop the guy with broom oh!Later whole his gang come, i die oh! Thanks for teaching me how to choose plum.

I think i bought the big size that's why so expensive.

Thanks for teaching me how to choose plum.

Actually i also dunno wat is "torte" means for.

Hahaha!So trouble you to guess the correct meaning of my every article. Hope to see your banana torte soon!

Hi Charles,
You typed this? Wow so clever!
Your mum is great at least know how to bake cheese cake. I haven't
try yet. OK, sure i bake muffins for you! So happy to hear that you all are coming over.

匿名 说...

thank you ,jiu mu.
i like muffin ,egg tart and chicken rice. i score no.3 in my class.

from,charles ting

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